Nail Rebalance


Nail Rebalance St Helens

Nail Rebalance St Helens

During the application of acrylic, an apex is moulded by building the thickest amount of product over the nails stress area. This is usually created from the middle of the nail bed to the free edge of the nail, depending on the length and shape of the nail/enhancement.


An apex gives the nail an arc look allowing the product to look as natural as possible. Once the product on the nail has re-growth, this will change the position of the apex, making the nail look a different shape and not protecting the full stress area of the nail.


A re-balance treatment is available where the product is filed down back to the original arc (reducing thickness) and more product is added filling in the re-growth and allowing the apex to be positioned correctly again. During this treatment, the nails shape and length can be altered to give your nails a whole new look.


If you’d like to get your current set of nails rebalanced give us a call today on 07568 368 995 to book your appointment and give your look a new lease of life.

Before Nail Treatment in St HelensAfter Nail Treatment in St Helens
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