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HC Beauty Therapy offer beautiful CALGEL nails in St Helens. CALGEL Nails are a great choice if you’re looking for a long lasting and hard wearing synthetic manicure. You can choose any nail colour or design, each of which lasts for up to six weeks and can be easily soaked off at home or in the nail salon in St Helens when you’re finished with them.

Like other synthetic nail options, CALGEL is always cured using a UV lamp. However, this particular solution does not require a primer, nor does it need any finishing or sealing – it is literally a one step process. The gel itself is coloured, so no polish is required either. You can even choose from effects such as pearlescence, metallics and glitter or shimmer!

Calgel is a one phase nail system that can be used on the natural nail as well as a sculpture gel to build and shape and extend the nail. Calgel is a hard wearing, flexible gel acting as a shock absorber reducing the risk of chipping and cracking.

It is a permeable system allowing moisture to pass through layer of the gel if needed and for unwanted moisture to evaporate preventing lifting.

When removing Calgel the surface of the nail is filled until rough, breaking the seal of the gel. A cotton pad is placed on the nail plate soaked in acetone and wrapped in foil.

Nails are left to soak for 15 mins. When a soak off is done correctly natural nails are left without damage.

Another great feature is that CALGEL is actually quite flexible compared with other available options, meaning that there is less chance of the nails cracking or breaking on impact or under pressure. The material contains invisible pores, so it also allows for healthy and natural nail growth underneath and doesn’t cause any physical problems or weakening. This means you can keep infilling or rebalancing your nails (topping them up as they grow out) up to three times before they’ll need to be removed, and event then, you don’t have to spend any time without CALGEL nails – you can keep going from look to look without damage.

For more information about receiving a CALGEL manicure in St Helens, simply get in touch with Hannah Clarke Beauty Therapy today on 07568 368 995, and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

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